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Plan Your trip to Bahrain

1.- Packing your bag

1. Which suitcase to choose? Soft ones for short trips and hard ones for long trips or for stopovers.

2. Carry the essential things with you, so you can come back with presents.

3. Use cellophane to divide clothes inside the suitcase.

4. Wear the clothes that occupy the most space.

5. Always carry hermetic bags, which can be very useful for any last-minute unexpected problems.

6. Optimise your toilet bag to avoid any unwanted surprises.

7. Bring versatile clothing, although make sure it looks good because it will be in the photos you are going to keep and see for the rest of your life.

8. Choose your footwear carefully and bring three pairs at most: trainers, flip flops and shoes or hiking boots. Make sure you bring something elegant for when you go for a few drinks.

9. Save 20% of the suitcase for anything you may bring back.

10. If the clothes are creased after the trip, you can use the home method of taking a hot bath and hanging the clothes in the bathroom, so the steam can get rid of the creas

2.- Phone numbers of interest

  • French Embassy: +973 17 298 66
  • UK Embassy: +973 17 574 100
  • Italian Embassy: +973 17 252 424  
  • German Embassy: +973 17 745 277
  • Emergencies: 999
  • Internacional Airport: +973 17 321 997  
  • Spanish Honorary Consulate in Bahrein
    Adress: Dream Tower 11th floor – Flat 111, Building 474, Road 1010, Bloc 410 – Bahrein
    Postal Adress: P.O.Box: 10871, Sanabis – Manama – Bahrein
    Phone: + 973 1748 0048 Fax: + 973 1758 0048
  • Spanish Representation:   EMBASSY IN MANAMA
    Chancellery: Spanish Embassy in KUWAIT
    Consular emergency phone of the Spanish Embassy in Kuwait: +965 97210578

3.- Traditional gastronomy

Local yogurt: Delicious and ideal to serve with all kinds of food

Kaboo: Hot bread

Bahrat : Mixture of spices used in almost all local cuisine

Ghouzi: Festive dish with roasted lamb stuffed with chicken, eggs, rice, onions and different spices.

Shawarma: Bread filled with chicken or lamb meat.

Falafel: Deep-fried chickpea puree balls

Samboosa: Pastries filled with spiced meat, a dish similar to Indian samosas.

Hummus: Chickpea spread traditional of many Arabic countries.

Babaghanoush: Similar to hummus but made of aubergine instead of chickpeas.

Khubz: Pitta bread served with a fish sauce called mahyawa.

Machboos: Rice with chicken or another meat with spices, similar to kabsa from Saudi Arabia.

Fish from the Persian Gulf: Halibut, chimaera, mackerel and bream, usually highly spiced, grilled and accompanied with rice.

Qoozi: Roasted lamb stuffed with rice, boiled eggs, onion and spices.

Muhammar: Rice cooked with saffron and sugar or dates.

Prawn balls: An Asian influence in which they use seafood from the Persian Gulf (they accompany the muhammar).

Halwa: Nougat with pistachios and cardamom, traditional of other Arabic countries although Bahrein has its own kind.

Dates: Eaten stuffed with nuts or traditional local cheese.

Gahwa: Tradtional drink or coffee served with cardamom and saffron.

4.- Shopping and markets

The souks (traditional markets) are wonderful, but the main shopping centres are truly incredible, since you can buy anything you can imagine there.

5.- Essentials

Manama Fortress

A stunning historical monument that was once the main city of the Dilmun civilization. It was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Al Fateh Mosque

Located in the capital’s Juffair district, this mosque possesses the world’s largest glass-fibre dome. Inside you can enjoy huge arches and a spectacular glass chandelier in the centre.

Manama Old Town

Here, you can find many old buildings built with coral, clay and palm-tree trunks. They are wonderful to see and are well worth a few photographs. As an added bonus, many of these houses are open to the public.

6.- Other points


A’Ali is a beautiful town with one of Bahrein’s most picturesque food markets. Located 10 miles south of Manama, here you can find some of the oldest and most traditional pottery crafts in the country. It also has the largest prehistoric cemetery in the world.

Beit Al-Qu’ran

This magnificent complex located in the diplomatic area of Manama is made up of a mosque, a library and a Quran-manuscript museum, which allows us to enjoy Arabic calligraphy in all of its splendour.

Island of Muharraq

The island is located north of Manama and it is linked to the city by magnificent bridges. Walking around Marek street in the middle of the spice shops that invade the atmosphere with their aroma, colour and noise will take you back in time.

Palaces of Sheikh Isa bin Ali and Siyadi Beit

Both palaces are near the Muharraq souk. They are restored and are excellent examples of classic architecture.

7.- With Kids

Al Areen Wildlife Park

This park located in Zallaq, 12 miles south of Manama, can only be visited on the park buses. On them, you will be able to see many different wildlife species and local plants.

Bahrein International Circuit

Located in Umm Jidar, the circuit welcomes the Formula One circus every year in March. Not only can you visit it for a Grand Prix but also drive around it in a go-kart or on a 4x4 vehicle.

Dilmun Water Park

An incredible water park located in the middle of the desert, in Al Areen. Slides, wave pools, rapids… Endless fun set in an ancient city of the Dilmun civilization.

8.- Museums

La Fontaine  Contemporary Art Centre

Located in an old trader stronghold and a wonderful example of Nineteenth-century Islamic architecture, today it’s an international art gallery with travelling exhibitions.

Albarech Art Gallery

This art gallery is located in the Adliya district, hosting a stunning collection of paintings, sculptures and photographs of famous artists from the Middle East.

Bahrein National Museum

Located near the city centre of Manama, this museum is housed in a beautiful new building and divided into different rooms: natural history, customs and traditions… It exhibits different buildings transported from other places that were rebuilt here and also many items of considerable value.

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