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When translated from Arabian, Bahrain means «two seas». This island country has got its name because it is surrounded by sault water of the Persian Gulf, while ground hides rich sources of fresh water. The nature on these islands is magnificent and inimitable. According to a theory of some scientists, here has been located famous Eden garden that is mentioned in the Bible.

A walk in Bahrain

Almost complete coastal line is devoted to building of resorts. Hotels and beaches are well-equipped here, so they attract more and more guests every day.

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Main sights of the country can be found in its capital Manama. Here visitors can make an excursion to the old Portuguese fort which territory is now used for archeological excavations. One of the oldest Islamic buildings, Al Khamis Mosque, is located in the same region. The territory of Beit Al Qur’an complex is also worth visiting as here you will see an ancient mosque and walk through spacious halls of the library and visit the local museum.

EThe capital has multiple beautiful architectural buildings created in the traditional Arabian style. The most notable of them are Arad Fort, the church of St. Christopher and the main Exhibition Center.

When you’re done with sightseeing, it’s time to have some rest on one of spacious sand beaches or go to markets that are a traditional place of interest for all visitors. Gold Souk district is one of the most popular ones as here visitors will find wide selection of jewelry. If you want to find finest textile, then move your feet to Clos Souk market. Even though this country is not big, the choice of sights and walking routes is really high.

When it comes to describing the entertainments, which are offered in Bahrain, the first thing, which is definitely worth mentioning, is numerous colorful markets and shops. Bab Al Bahrain market in Manama is considered the largest one. This is the place where you can buy absolutely any product – clothing, interesting jewelry, cosmetics and perfumes, handicrafts and souvenirs as well as original oriental spices that have the weight of gold for chefs around the world


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