Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information   

At Atiram Hotels the priority is your happiness. To be happy, health and well-being are essential.

Due to the worldwide impact caused by COVID-19, some of our hotels are currently closed. Anyway, don’t worry, we are working to open the doors for you as soon as possible.

This opening will fulfill the priority of Atiram Hotels, your happiness. For this reason, we guarantee that your health and well-being, as well as that of our employees, will be assured.


We are with you

  • We are available through the usual channels to answer any questions you have.
  • We apply flexibility in the payment and cancellation policies of all reservations. *
  • Take advantage of the flexible conditions and exclusive rates at to plan your trip and enjoy it as soon as we can be your host.

*Free cancellation on reservations that the hotel cannot provide its services. The rest of the cases will be evaluated individually to find the best solution.


Global actions

We adapt to any situation, and now we must promote additional health and safety measures for you and our employees. For this reason at Atiram Hotels:

  • We evaluate the situation of each establishment individually to offer the best service with the best guarantees in each hotel.
  • We continuously train our entire team to carry out the procedures guaranteeing the safety and trust of our guests.
  • We reinforce and increase the frequency of all hygiene measures.
  • We have personal protection equipment for our workers.
  • We guarantee the disinfection procedures of our team upon arrival at the hotel.
  • We install hydroalcoholic gel dispensers on all hotel floors.
  • We increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection in all areas of the hotel.
  • We have masks in case you have forgotten yours.
  • We use government approved cleaning and disinfection products.
  • We reorganized the team’s schedules when entering the workplace, as well as enjoying breaks and meals, to reduce contacts.
  • Daily ventilation is carried out in all areas of the hotel.
  • We guarantee compliance with all government regulations.


At the reception, when you arrive, when you leave… always

  • Following the instructions of our team, we reduce the crowds of clients.
  • We constantly disinfect all the material that we provide you (keys, dataphone …) or you should use, even for a minimum moment, such as a pen.
  • We promote the sending of invoices and information through email.
  • We recommend payment by credit card.
  • We have a container, which we disinfect constantly, to deposit the keys after use.


In the room, your space only for you…

  • We disinfect all rooms completely after the departure of the guest prior to your arrival.
  • We remove expendable decorative elements and stationery.
  • Our team disinfects work tools daily and has its personal protective equipment to minimize risks.
  • We expanded the offer of amenities adapted to current needs.
  • The laundry processes are carried out with certified disinfectant products at a minimum temperature of 60º.
  • We access the rooms for cleaning and maintenance without clients inside.
  • Each guest has their television remote control packaged exclusively for him, which is replaced after departure. *


Meals, always necessary, but now with different styles…

  • We increased the distance between tables and diners.
  • We organize shifts to enjoy the services to minimize crowds.
  • We discard the elements of common use, but we maintain the offer thanks to the mono doses.


And this is not all, we are continually adapting to new situations and needs.


Despite the fact that the situation changes, despite the fact that we must reduce contacts, despite everything… We continue to wait for you with a smile because the most important thing is your happiness. The most important is you.

Thank you for your understanding


This information may change depending on the regulations that each government approves.